Personal Interaction with Peter Daley

Personal Interaction with Peter Daley

Hi everyone, I am Pastor Hwajung Jang.

I’m going to talk about what I experienced when I met Peter Daley when he visited Wolmyeongdong during the 2006 summer retreat. Even though it was 10 years, my memory of Peter is very clear because of all the shocking lies I saw later on his website.

I visited Wolmyeongdong to attend the summer retreat. It was the retreat for the military members’ department in Providence, and since the department was not that big, there weren’t many people there. So I sat in front of the lawn, and then I saw a westerner / foreigner – Peter.

I approached him and then introduced myself and asked him things like, “Where are you from?” “What are you doing in Korea?” and “How did you come here?” (Note: Pastor Hwajung served as a translator in Wolmyeongdong and helped foreign visitors regularly)

He said that his name was Peter Daley and that he was Continue reading