Jung Myung Seok Case Needs Retrial

Jung Myung Seok Case Needs Retrial

The following is a follow-up report of an original article titled, JMS (CGM) President Jung Myung Seok’s cross: why and for whom? by a monthly magazine in Korea called, Civil Government.

This Article on Jung Myung Seok is written by Moon Il Seok on 15 Feb 2010, moonilsuk@korea.com.  (http://blog.naver.com/t15432001/130080588987)

President JungMyungSeok, founder of Christian Gospel Mission (CGM), is currently in prison. His ten-year sentence was the decision of the Supreme Court which upheld the decision of the lower court.

Now there are voices that Jung Myung Seok’s trial was unfair and should be retried.

A monthly magazine, Civil Government, published an article in its February issue, under the title, JMS (CGM) President JungMyungSeok’s cross: why and for whom? and listed the problems of his trials, item by item.

In the article, Cha Jin Soo reports on the original incident that led to