Stop the injustice against Pastor Jeong Myeong Seok in South Korea

Stop the injustice against Pastor Jeong Myeong Seok in South Korea

Every individual, regardless of their position in society or religious affiliation, should be considered innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. The right to a fair trial is a fundamental human right, enshrined in both domestic and international law. 

Unfortunately, after the sensationalized program, “In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal,” was aired in March, the trial of Pastor Jung Myung Seok became adversely impacted by countless unethical broadcasts and publications of fake news, which has instigated a modern-day witch hunt of Pastor Jung and Christian Gospel Mission members. 

Please sign this petition if you are an advocate of basic human rights, fundamental freedoms, and the eradication of fake news.

Further Manipulation of “Evidence” by Accusers

Further Manipulation of “Evidence” by Accusers

Note: This is an article following the a series of analyses, please see previous articles for a full context. (See previous article here)

After a series of credible sources countering the validity of the only “evidence” given by the accuser (Maple), suddenly the “original” icloud audio recording was deleted by the police and claimed to be unrecoverable. This was only briefly reported in the news and treated without much severity (See article use google translate for english), which wrote “It was confirmed that the victim’s important transcripts were accidentally deleted by the investigator ahead of the courtroom demonstration in the trial of Jung Myeong-seok (78) of the Christian Gospel Mission (aka JMS) on charges of sexual assault against a woman. According to the local legal community on the 17th, the file recorded by victim A (28), a Hong Kong national who first accused Jung Myeong-seok of semi-rape, was deleted from the cloud. It was found that the recorded file was deleted by mistake while the victim’s lawyer attended and the police investigator manipulated the cloud to check whether it was working properly before the court demonstration of the transcript ahead of the trial of the defendant Jeong Myeong-seok at the Daejeon District Court on the 3rd.”

Already, Maple did not have the original audio file recorded on her iphone, claiming that she had sold her iphone. Hence, the next best “original” would have been the file on icloud. Yet, stupendously, the file was “accidentally” deleted unrecoverablly before it was supposed to be forensically examined in greater detail. iPhone and iCloud users would know that it would take deliberate effort with multiple clicks to delete a file from iCloud permanently, given that there is a 30-day recoverable period for all files accidentally deleted. (See video explanation here)

There is little room to believe that this was a genuine mistake. It is reasonable to conclude that it could be a case of deliberate manipulation of “evidence”, while masking the whole accusation with an avalanche of media attacks that blurs truth from repeated lies. Repeated and widely spread lies are not equal to the truth. May God bring the truth to light.

Hero or Zero? Kim Do Hyeong

Hero or Zero? Kim Do Hyeong

A Netflix docuseries In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal was release in March this year painting malicious & one-sided narratives about Christian Gospel Mission (CGM, or Providence) and its founder Pastor Jung Myung Seok. The main informant to the director of the docuseries is Kim Do Hyeong. Since the docuseries release in March this year, Kim Do Hyeong has portrayed himself to be a hero to have uncovered the “secrets”.

Is he truly a hero, or a malicious actor with questionable self-serving intentions? A series of youtube and media coverage have begun questioning the trustworthiness of the main informant Kim, after examining his past criminal convictions, accusations of Pastor Jung, and past notorized confessions. Please see the following articles / videos to form a holistic view.

Kim Do Hyeong’s Credibility Assessment, Past Confessions and Extortions:

  1. PS News Article (Original with English Translation, Archived)
  2. Youtube (Video 1 | Video 2 | Video 3 | Video 4) Turn on English Subtitles
SSullock & Wassul: Uncovering the truth behind Netflix’s “In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal”

SSullock & Wassul: Uncovering the truth behind Netflix’s “In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal”

Christian Gospel Mission has released an investigative series on YouTube in response to the Netflix docuseries, titled: SSullock & Wassul: Uncovering the truth behind “In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal.” (Drawing inspiration from Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson)

🔸 Content:
The Netflix docuseries In the Name of God: Holy Betrayal released a malicious broadcast about Christian Gospel Mission.

The producers and actors of the Netflix docuseries used a form of storytelling that involves distorting the truth and reconstructing it intentionally. We will explain each of these suspicions and truths within this series.

🔸 English Subtitles are available for Episodes 1-9 (turn on “CC” button and click settings to choose English)

Please see episode 1 in the link below – appreciate your *like* and *subscription*!

YouTube for JMS

YouTube for JMS

Why “YouTube for JMS” began is to ensure a fair trial with accurate and reliable evidence. And this is to prevent further damage caused by public opinion generated by inaccurate and distorted reports. We are not asking those who have never seen Pastor Jeong Myeong Seok to believe that he is innocent no matter what.

Please consider this: Looking back on our past history, please don’t forget that we’ve suffered great damage from fake news, and there have been innocent victims as a result.

Please do not be misled by unchecked evidence and decisive media reports so that a healthy media culture can be established and protected into the future, not only for Pastor Jeong Myeong Seok but also for the victims of fake news who have been harmed in the past or even now.

This is what we earnestly wish from everyone.


Prof. Kim Chang Yong at Inje University also wrote about the 5 characteristics of fake news:

First, provocativeness. Provocative content and titles often appear to catch people’s attention.

Second, hate or loathing. Incites hatred towards a particular object or person.

Third, one-sided. Ignores cross-validation for fact-checking and relies on one-sided information.

Fourth, connection. Forcibly links irrelevant facts to each other and presents it as if there is a connection.

Fifth, fatality. By linking a person’s death to an incident, the intense impression that death gives makes people believe it even before confirming the facts.

Please see the following youtube video and series, from Busan Providence, and turn on english subtitles (“CC” button)

The Only Evidence Provided – A Problematic Audio not accepted by the Court

The Only Evidence Provided – A Problematic Audio not accepted by the Court

Netflix’s “In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal” featured an audio clip from Maple Yip, the main accuser against President Jung Myung Seok. This audio recording was produced by Maple, who claimed that she secretly recorded this while being raped by President Jung. The recording purports to show President Jung asking Maple if she had “cummed”, and President Jung saying that he had “cummed” a grand total of 50 times. 

There are several striking problems with the audio.

First, the audio is not accepted as evidence by the Korean court in the ongoing court trial against President Jung, as the Korean National Forensic Service confirmed that as the audio file is not the original copy and that the audio’s authenticity cannot be proven (see here). As the recording was not an original file, the court asked Maple for the original file so that they could verify the authenticity of the file. However, Maple was unable to produce the original audio file. She claims that she lost the original audio file because she transferred the files from her original phone onto iCloud, and then downloaded the files from the cloud onto her new phone, and after which she got rid of her original phone (see here). However, it is unthinkable that Maple would go to all the pains of making a secret recording and then dispose of the handphone, which is the very piece of evidence that is needed to prove that the recording was genuine (see here). 

Second, there are multiple analyses showing that Maple’s audio was in fact manipulated. There is a video analysis (see here) showing how parts of Maple’s audio was in fact cut from President Jung sermons where he was speaking about love, but in a completely different context (about spiritual love, not sex). There is also a report from an authoritative voice related research institute (MuScene Voice Forensic Laboratory) that has served the US Secret Service, FBI, CIA amongst others. It used various waveform data analytics and confirmed that the voice recording was edited in a disjointed fashion and that it was not downloaded from iCloud (see here). 

Finally, there are also eyewitnesses (see here) who confirmed that the audio about President Jung stating that he had “cummed” 50 times was actually an audio recording from 2018 when President Jung jokingly mentioned that he had urinated 50 times as he had drunk so much mineral water (the Korean word for “urinated” is the same as for “cummed”), and where President Jung had stated that he would often check the mineral spring to see if the mineral water was “coming out” properly. In the same video earlier, an eyewitness also said that she noticed Maple recording the remarks from President Jung next to the medicinal spring, and pointed out how Maple took it out of context and manipulated it to make it seem as though President Jung was asking how many times she had “come” (the Korean word for “coming out” is the same as “cum”). 

Anybody claiming that the audio clip is true needs to be asked: 

  1. Were they at the alleged scene of the rape? If not, they are not a witness to the truth of this audio recording and are merely spreading what another has claimed. 
  1. Are they a certified forensic or audio expert? If not, they have no way of verifying if this audio recording is original or not. Leave it to the experts (e.g., Korea National Forensic and MuScene Forensic)

This video is a summary of all the problematic issues with the current trial, including the odd fact that in spite of claims of the accusers do not have any other form of evidence but this problematic audio file. (See here

Thank you for examining both sides, and we believe that God will bring the truth to light.

The Witch Hunt of Providence and Jung Myung Seok

The Witch Hunt of Providence and Jung Myung Seok

It is hard to imagine that in the 21st century, witch hunts and lynch mobs still occur. 

But it is happening right now–to Christian Gospel Mission, also known as Providence, or JMS. 

A small group of anti-Providence activists, led by Kim Do Hyung, have used the modern age witch hunting tools of press conferences, mainstream media (e.g., news outlets like JTBC and MBC in Korea), social media, streaming services (e.g., Netflix), and audio editing tools to condemn Providence and its founder Pastor Jung Myung Seok as a criminal organization.

This is not the first time it has happened. Even in the 2008/2009 trial, the same Kim Do Hyung had used similar tools (press conferences, media) to start a witch hunt of Providence, influencing the court trials and resulting in Pastor Jung’s conviction, despite there being no concrete evidence and even contradictory verbal claims from accusers. 


Many articles are published about how doxxing is morally wrong and dangerous, yet, it is an increasingly common social phenomenon. Doxxing is a tactic used by online hate groups to destroy more than just a person’s online presence, but their job, their house and personal property, their family and friends, their bodily safety. (see article)

Providence members are being doxxed. With their identities exposed and published online, they are shamed and condemned. This includes K-pop stars, families, public servants, and business owners. Ordinary, law abiding citizens who contribute positively to the society are seeing their lives torn apart by the doxxing. 

Whoever speaks up for Providence is also doxxed. In any criminal case, the accused has the right to an attorney. This is not only a right afforded to them by many Constitutions but also common sense. After all, in a system where the prosecution must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, an attorney can be essential in ensuring that the defendant’s rights are protected. (see here.) Yet, the law firm that was hired by Providence to defend its case had to quit out of public pressure because the lawyers defending Providence had their identities revealed online, and they received flaming from the public for being corrupt and out for profit. (see here.)

Even an influential Korean YouTuber Kim Won Hee is being harassed by MBC and the public for speaking out against the one-sided claims against Providence. (see here.) Kim Won Hee is being accused of “secondary victimisation” although what he is doing is scrutinising the “evidences” provided by Netflix and Maple – that is not secondary victimisation. 


How can it be that the Attorney General has already said publicly that he will ensure Pastor Jung gets a heavy sentence for his crimes, when the court trial is still ongoing?

How is it that the judge, after watching the Netflix series when it was released mid-trial, could suddenly make decisions like not wanting to hear all 22 testimonies defending Pastor Jung but reducing it to only 5 people and a 3 hour slot? (In comparison, each accuser was given at least half a day to testify.)
Why is the court pandering to public opinion instead of focusing on the veracity of the evidence provided? 


If one believes that Pastor Jung is indeed guilty, then let the courts examine the evidence objectively, and let God judge him. Instead, many are trying to play judge and God. There is already a long list of explanations to show how the evidence presented in the courts are highly questionable. (See videos below)

Please stop this 21st century witch hunt, and let the trial take place fairly. That is all we ask.  

Turn on closed captions (subtitles) for English if needed:

Independent Authoritative Forensic Laboratory Confirms that Netflix Audio Was Manipulated

Independent Authoritative Forensic Laboratory Confirms that Netflix Audio Was Manipulated

The documentary broadcast by Netflix contains an audio recording by an ex-CGM member, Maple Yip, who claimed that she had secretly recorded the audio while being raped by President Jung. Based on the findings of an independent forensic laboratory, there is strong evidence to show that Maple Yip, who provided the audio recording, had lied about the source of the recording. Further analysis also shows that the recording itself had been edited and is not authentic.

The recording purports to show President Jung asking Maple if she had cum, and President Jung saying that he had cummed 50 times. It had been submitted as proof in the Korean court and also used as the key evidence in the Netflix series.

In order to ascertain the authenticity of the audio recording, Taiwan CGM engaged an authoritative voice-related research institute [(U.S. business-related) MuScene Voice Forensic Laboratory] to conduct forensic testing on the recording. The (U.S. business-related) MuScene Voice Forensic Laboratory is an impartial third-party laboratory commissioned by law enforcement agencies for identification, investigation, and laboratory testing. It conducts inspections commissioned by the courts, prosecution agencies, and national security teams (the military) from all around Taiwan and the US (including CIA, FBI, State Department, Secret Service). It has a rich academic base, a large amount of forensics hands-on experience, and cutting-edge technical knowledge. It is an authoritative research institute that conducts in-depth research on sound synthesis and modulation testing and identification, sound signal enhancement, acoustic fingerprint-sound identification, file conversion and sound compression through scientific research, and data analysis methods.

After detailed analysis using waveform data analytics, the results revealed that the voice recording was edited in a disjointed fashion. It also revealed that the audio was not downloaded from iCloud, contrary to Maple’s claim that she had lost the original file but retrieved the backed up copy from iCloud (where iPhone-generated media data are backed up). The forensic report showed that the voice recording used in the Netflix film did not have formatting or characteristics of iPhone origins and was not downloaded from iCloud. Audio files that are recorded using an iPhone app or the default audio recorder would contain inherent characteristics, but the Netflix voice recording does not have any of those characteristics.

Here is the detailed forensic analysis:

On March 3, 2023 Netflix released the documentary In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal. In the 3rd episode of the series, titled JMS, Messiah with electronic anklets, from the 40:00 to 41:07 mark, an audio file claimed by Maple Yip to be the recording of an alleged sexual assault (henceforth called “Netflix Maple audio file”) was examined for authenticity by a third-party Voice Forensic Laboratory, and compared with the audio file previously aired by Korean media JTBC News on July 12, 2022 Jung Myung Seok Voice Files (정명석 ‘육성파일’) (henceforth called “JTBC News audio file”). The following are the findings: 

Evidence that Netflix Maple lied about the source of the audio file that was produced and broadcast on the Netflix platform

(Reference URL:

1. An environmental sound spectrum evaluation revealed a dark band at 8 kHz which would not be generated in the room mode* of a spatial environment. The spectrogram above 8 kHz was also very clean with no traces of spatial noise found in normal spatial recordings. Hence, it is inferred that the original frequency response of the Netflix Maple audio file should be 8 kHz and the sample rate should be 16 kHz. (Figure 1)

Figure 1: The sound spectrum of Netflix Maple audio file.

2. During the South Korean court trial on February 13, 2023, Maple claimed that the audio file was uploaded to iCloud for backup before the phone was sold. It is reasonable to infer that Maple had used an iPhone to record the audio. However, according to the spectrum data verified by the Voice Forensic Laboratory, it can be seen that the frequency response of the Netflix Maple audio file is not consistent with 16 kHz and that this evidence (Figure 2) is also inconsistent with the iPhone native app recording spectrogram characteristics (Figure 3). It can be confirmed that the recorded file of the Netflix Maple audio file was not recorded by an iPhone native app.

Figure 2. Spectrum diagram of Netflix Maple audio file verified by the Voice Forensic Laboratory

Figure 3. Spectrum diagram of the iPhone native app, which is characterized by a frequency response that can only reach 16 kHz 

3. There are two main conversion methods for digital audio files: resample** or convert. The conversion method used by Netflix’s professional audio-visual platform is mostly “resample”. Aside from Netflix’s conversion of the Netflix Maple audio file using their professional audio-visual platform to resample, it is assessed that before being provided to the Netflix platform, the file had gone through “convert”. The sampling rate was likely to be 16 kHz, then converted to 44.1 kHz, finally resampled to a 48 kHz audio file by Netflix’s post-production. The sound spectrum characteristics of a typical “resampled” file using professional audio-visual post-production software is shown in Figure 4, while the sound spectrum characteristics of a “converted” file is shown in Figure 5. The sound spectrum characteristics of Netflix Maple audio file is shown in Figure 6, which is similar to Figure 5, but not similar to Figure 4. This evidence shows that the Netflix Maple audio file had gone through “convert” processing, and it cannot be ruled out that the file could have been modified or edited. Hence, it is doubtful that one could show or restore the content of the original recording of the Netflix Maple audio file.

Figure 4: The special sound spectrum characteristics of “resample” 

Figure 5. The sound spectrum of “convert” will generate mirrored sound information

Figure 6: Spectrum diagram of the Netflix Maple audio file [Footnote 1]

Comparing the recording content of the Netflix Maple audio file with JTBC News, the recording content of the second audio file raises suspicion that the Netflix Maple audio file had been altered.

  1. The JTBC News audio file was originally “God chose you like this; it is God’s will.” In the Netflix Maple audio file, the last sentence was deleted, and the content was changed to “God chose you like this, so don’t touch other people’s… ” at the 40:59 mark of the Netflix series  (Video timing of 0:11‒0:21 in Footnote 2’s link)
  2. The JTBC News audio file was originally “Don’t touch other people’s “this”, because it belongs to God. Do you understand? God is the teacher’s, and it is God’s will. Do you understand? This is God’s will.” Then, the Netflix Maple audio file was changed to “Don’t let others touch this (woman’s moaning sound added) because this is God’s (woman’s moaning sound added).” (Video time 0:30‒1:39 in Footnote 3’s link)
  3. The JTBC News audio file was originally “Don’t touch other people’s this, because it is from God. Do you understand?” A male responded with  “네” (yes), but the Netflix Maple audio file deleted the male’s response and added a woman’s moaning” (Footnote 2 video time 2:09‒2:17, note 3 video time 1:40‒2:15)
  4. At 40:31 and 40:32 in the Netflix Maple audio file, in addition to the sound of “쌌어?” (Have you had diarrhea/cummed?)”, there were two consecutive male exhalation sounds at the same time. In the same span of time and space, a person cannot simultaneously exhale while speaking. So it is reasonable to infer that there was a third person at the audio scene of the alleged sexual assault. (Video time 2:16‒2:56 in Footnote 3)


The above mentioned frequency spectrum analysis showed that Maple had lied about the source of the audio recording, which was not from an iPhone. This is of particular significance because she had attempted to admit this recording as the only physical evidence of the alleged crime, but the Korean legal forensic team were unable to verify the authenticity of the recording, as the original iPhone that Maple allegedly recorded the audio was no longer available. The detailed analysis clearly showed that the recording was never recorded on an iPhone and that it had undergone multiple stages of resampling and conversion.
Further analysis of the audio waveform itself clearly showed that this audio file is not authentic and has been edited. It cannot be used as evidence, let alone be used to guide public understanding of what actually happened.

* A room mode is essentially a “bump” in a room’s frequency response that is facilitated by the room’s dimensions and the way those dimensions cause soundwaves to interact with each other. There are three types of room modes: axial, tangential and oblique.

**Resampling, in terms of audio files, is also known as Sample Rate Conversion. This is done when you need to convert a digital audio file from a given sample rate into a different sample rate. Sample rate is the number of samples of audio carried per second, measured in Hz or kHz (one kHz being 1,000 Hz).

[Footnote 1] This recording file has been verified by forensic laboratories. The dark band with a frequency of 8 kHz in the sound spectrum is not present in the room mode* of a spatial environment.

[Footnote 2] JTBC News URL:

[Footnote 3] Altered comparison video URL:

(so-called JMS) President Jung Myung-seok of the Christian Gospel Mission, I Want to Know About His Trial (Part I)

(so-called JMS) President Jung Myung-seok of the Christian Gospel Mission, I Want to Know About His Trial (Part I)

Many disproven past allegations were resurfaced in the Netflix documentary, In the Name of God: a Holy Betrayal. The article below unlocks the truth behind many of those false allegations.

[Card News] (so called JMS) President Jung Myung-seok of the Christian Gospel Mission, I Want to Know About His Trial (Part I)

A hidden meaning behind his trial, the unknown truth.

Otto Warmbier fell into a vegetative state due to false accusations by North Korea. There are many people in the world who have suffered as a result of unfair trials, such as Joan of Arc who was witch hunted, and Pastor Jung Won Seop, the real-life protagonist of the movie Miracle in Cell No. 7.

There is another person who became a criminal because of public opinion: Jung Myung-seok, the president of the Christian Gospel of Mission (CGM).

March 20, 1993 “I Want to Know” broadcast manipulation by SBS:

The SBS broadcast distorted sermons of Pastor Jung Myung-Seok (Evangelism → Evangelism of Women)

*Edited so that only women were visible on the screen; portrayed the Wolmyeongdong training center, which is open to many people, as a place where esoteric rituals occurred.

In response, the court made a decision recommending a settlement (compensation for damages and a ban on broadcasting), but the SBS broadcast [still] aired three times (in 1999, 2002, and 2007, three episodes each year), and at the start of the airing, SBS [only] included a short subtitle stating that the broadcast had a court deliberation. 

In the end, the truth was obscured and the public opinion towards [Pastor Jung Myung-Seok] worsened.

Due to the influence of the doctored broadcasts, President Jung was falsely accused of sexually assaulting members in 2009 and was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Amongst lawyers, president Jung Myung-seok’s trial is often recognized as a criminal trial that went against the basic principles of a fair* trial. 

Why? Let’s examine the trial process.

*[Unfair] means lack of evidence and unreasonable adoption of evidence, contrary to the principle of presumption of innocence.

An incident that occurred in China on April 4, 2006:

On April 4, 2006, Ms. Jang and Ms. Kim, who claimed to be victims of sexual assault, filed a complaint against Pastor Jung Myung-seok in China.

In China, where sexual assault offenders are regarded as serious criminals like drug offenders, Pastor Jung Myung-seok was harshly investigated for 10 months.

Despite the investigation, the verdict was that he was innocent of sexual assault.

[However], at the request of the Korean prosecutors, he underwent [further] investigation for the trial in China, [upon his return to Korea]. And, there weren’t just one or two questionable areas in this case. There were 12 contradictions that raised questions.

First, there were no signs of sexual assault.

On April 4, 2006, shortly after filing the complaint, the two women were examined at the Central Hospital of Anshan City, China.

The results of the checkup from Central Hospital in Ansan City, China on April 5th and the checkup by the Korean Police Hospital on April 8th were the same: 

  • “There is no semen detected by way of chemical testing. Normal result. There are no signs of rape.”
  • “There is absolutely no damage to the vaginal opening, vaginal lining, hymen, and its surroundings, and there is no indication of sexual assault in any way.”

National Institute of Scientific Investigations’ semen test results were negative.

*Sperm can survive between 5 to 14 days in the cervix.

However, all of these test results were not admitted into court. 

The plaintiff, Ms. Kim, did not acknowledge the examination results. She had a checkup at the police hospital again on April 10th, and the doctor’s opinion was that, unlike the first time, “a laceration was found.” The laceration was not the severe tears as what was claimed by the complainant, but was “a wound that could have been caused by skin rubbing or riding a bicycle,” as stated by the doctor who had conducted the checkup.

Second, there was the adoption of evidence that should not have been considered official evidence.

There are three requirements for medical records to be formally adopted in court. These are the official chart, a photo of the affected area, and examination by two doctors.

The April 5th Ansan City Central Hospital (China) and the April 8th Korea Police Hospital medical records which state “no wounds or traces of injury” (formal charts, photos of the affected area, 2 doctors’ medical examinations) contrasted with the April 10th single doctor’s opinion written on regular paper [outside of the formal chart] stating, “a laceration was found” (no chart, no picture of the affected area, 1 doctor’s examination).

However, at the trial, the sole opinion from the one doctor was adopted and not the formal medical records [from the two doctors].

Third, medically unfounded statements:

Ms. Kim presented a picture of her own abdomen as evidence that water was forcefully inserted into her vagina at the time of the sexual assault and her abdomen was inflated as a result. The Korean Police Hospital doctor who treated Ms. Kim testified in court that her claim was  “medically impossible.”

“Due to the body’s anatomy, water in the vagina is blocked [by the cervix] and could not enter the uterus or abdomen to cause abdominal bloating. In addition, if the abdomen were inflated, then there would still be water in the abdominal cavity during examination the following day, but the [ultrasound] findings of the Chinese hospital showed that there was none (water).”

*From the Chinese written medical opinion: no black zones [(hypoechoic areas)] caused by fluid were seen [on the ultrasound of] the pelvic cavity (for both Ms. Kim and Ms. Jang).

Fourth, CCTV evidence contradicts the victim’s claim:

The victims testified, “I was severely assaulted during the interview and suffered deep wounds that made it difficult for me to walk.”

However, according to CCTV, on the day of the incident and the next day, the two victims were seen laughing and joking around. And contrary to their statement, their gait did not look uncomfortable at all.

Fifth, the testimony of the interpreter at the time of the Chinese hospital check-up.

The interpreter who helped with Chinese interpretation at the Chinese Public Security on the day of the incident [(alleged assault)] and at the hospital, attended as a witness during the Korean trial.

Interpreter: After the examination, the doctor said that Ms. Kim was a virgin and that Ms. Jang was not. When the doctor asked Ms. Jang, “When did you have sex?” Ms. Jang said, “I was assaulted when I was 16 or 17.” (Ms. Jang was in her 20s at the time of the [alleged] incident).

*Source: Seoul Central District Court record of the examination of a witness (part of the 8th trial report), Case 2008 – 2*

Attorney: Did the doctor say they had cuts and bleeding?

Interpreter: No. The doctor said both of them were clear of these findings. The doctor said that Ms. Kim was menstruating at the time. It seems that Ms. Jang started her period while at the public security office around 9:00 PM that evening.

*Source: Seoul Central District Court record of the examination of a witness (part of the 8th trial report), Case 2008 – 2*

Sixth, the statements of Ms. Kim and Ms. Jang were different before and after the hospital examination.

Ms. Kim and Ms. Jang, who testified that they had severe stomach aches and bleeding due to the severe sexual assault, gave different statements when they returned to the public security office after being examined at the hospital. 

Interpreter: At first, both of them said that the defendant Jung Myung-Seok had inserted his penis and ejaculated, but after going to the hospital, they changed their statement. There was no penile insertion, and they reversed their statements to say that they did not know whether there was ejaculation.

*Source: Seoul Central District Court record of the examination of a witness (part of the 8th trial report), Case 2008 – 2*

Seventh, the source of the photo is unclear.

The body picture presented by Ms. Kim as evidence did not indicate the date, place, nor photographer. There was no objective data from which to confirm [the date, location of and who took the photo], but this photo was accepted as evidence at the trial.

Eighth, the trial ended without the China judgment material being submitted to the court: 

During the trial, lawyers asked the Korean prosecutors for the Chinese investigation records, but the prosecutors, for some reason, did not provide them at the time.

In addition, although this trial became a public concern, it was conducted without any on-site verification and lie detector procedures. Defendant Jung Myeong-seok was questioned by the judge at the court, and the victims participated in the trial in a separate space.

Ninth, was it a judicial trial? Was it the Inquisition*?

The Christian Council of Korea, who regarded the CGM as a heresy, filed a petition, and some of the judges were Christian elders and deacons.

[*Starting in the 12th century and continuing for 100s of years, the Inquisition was established by the Catholic Church to root out and punish heresy throughout the Americas and Europe.]

The ruling mentions “the unfounded JMS religious doctrine” in addition to the “testimony about the case of sexual assault” as the basis of the ruling.

  1. Defendant Jung Myung-seok summarized and quoted the doctrine of the Unification Church since around 1980. He organized a religious group called “Jesus Methodist Church” (Jesus Morning Star, also the English initials of Jung Myung-seok, hereinafter referred to as JMS).
  2. Defendant Jung Myung-seok also called himself Jesus, saying, “I am Jesus of the Second Coming sent by God, I can bless or curse people, and I can heal all kinds of diseases…”

(Actually, JMS has never been used as an official name, and the Christian Gospel Mission teaches that “a person cannot be God.”)

Tenth, involvement of anti-JMS groups?

On April 4th, the day of the [alleged] incident, Ms. Jang and Ms. Kim returned to Korea right after filing the complaint in China and completing a few hours of medical check-ups. Then, on April 7th, they filed another complaint in Korea. However, in the complaint filed, Ms. Kim’s name was only typed via Microsoft Word, so there was no signature seal.

Also attached to the complaint were materials produced by an anti-JMS group called Exodus, who was not directly related to the incident. It creates suspicion that Exodus and Ms. Kim were in contact before she went to China.

Then, who are they [(Exodus)], and why would they sue an innocent person?