YouTube for JMS

YouTube for JMS

Why “YouTube for JMS” began is to ensure a fair trial with accurate and reliable evidence. And this is to prevent further damage caused by public opinion generated by inaccurate and distorted reports. We are not asking those who have never seen Pastor Jeong Myeong Seok to believe that he is innocent no matter what.

Please consider this: Looking back on our past history, please don’t forget that we’ve suffered great damage from fake news, and there have been innocent victims as a result.

Please do not be misled by unchecked evidence and decisive media reports so that a healthy media culture can be established and protected into the future, not only for Pastor Jeong Myeong Seok but also for the victims of fake news who have been harmed in the past or even now.

This is what we earnestly wish from everyone.


Prof. Kim Chang Yong at Inje University also wrote about the 5 characteristics of fake news:

First, provocativeness. Provocative content and titles often appear to catch people’s attention.

Second, hate or loathing. Incites hatred towards a particular object or person.

Third, one-sided. Ignores cross-validation for fact-checking and relies on one-sided information.

Fourth, connection. Forcibly links irrelevant facts to each other and presents it as if there is a connection.

Fifth, fatality. By linking a person’s death to an incident, the intense impression that death gives makes people believe it even before confirming the facts.

Please see the following youtube video and series, from Busan Providence, and turn on english subtitles (“CC” button)

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