Further Manipulation of “Evidence” by Accusers

Further Manipulation of “Evidence” by Accusers

Note: This is an article following the a series of analyses, please see previous articles for a full context. (See previous article here)

After a series of credible sources countering the validity of the only “evidence” given by the accuser (Maple), suddenly the “original” icloud audio recording was deleted by the police and claimed to be unrecoverable. This was only briefly reported in the news and treated without much severity (See article use google translate for english), which wrote “It was confirmed that the victim’s important transcripts were accidentally deleted by the investigator ahead of the courtroom demonstration in the trial of Jung Myeong-seok (78) of the Christian Gospel Mission (aka JMS) on charges of sexual assault against a woman. According to the local legal community on the 17th, the file recorded by victim A (28), a Hong Kong national who first accused Jung Myeong-seok of semi-rape, was deleted from the cloud. It was found that the recorded file was deleted by mistake while the victim’s lawyer attended and the police investigator manipulated the cloud to check whether it was working properly before the court demonstration of the transcript ahead of the trial of the defendant Jeong Myeong-seok at the Daejeon District Court on the 3rd.”

Already, Maple did not have the original audio file recorded on her iphone, claiming that she had sold her iphone. Hence, the next best “original” would have been the file on icloud. Yet, stupendously, the file was “accidentally” deleted unrecoverablly before it was supposed to be forensically examined in greater detail. iPhone and iCloud users would know that it would take deliberate effort with multiple clicks to delete a file from iCloud permanently, given that there is a 30-day recoverable period for all files accidentally deleted. (See video explanation here)

There is little room to believe that this was a genuine mistake. It is reasonable to conclude that it could be a case of deliberate manipulation of “evidence”, while masking the whole accusation with an avalanche of media attacks that blurs truth from repeated lies. Repeated and widely spread lies are not equal to the truth. May God bring the truth to light.

Hero or Zero? Kim Do Hyeong

Hero or Zero? Kim Do Hyeong

A Netflix docuseries In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal was release in March this year painting malicious & one-sided narratives about Christian Gospel Mission (CGM, or Providence) and its founder Pastor Jung Myung Seok. The main informant to the director of the docuseries is Kim Do Hyeong. Since the docuseries release in March this year, Kim Do Hyeong has portrayed himself to be a hero to have uncovered the “secrets”.

Is he truly a hero, or a malicious actor with questionable self-serving intentions? A series of youtube and media coverage have begun questioning the trustworthiness of the main informant Kim, after examining his past criminal convictions, accusations of Pastor Jung, and past notorized confessions. Please see the following articles / videos to form a holistic view.

Kim Do Hyeong’s Credibility Assessment, Past Confessions and Extortions:

  1. PS News Article (Original with English Translation, Archived)
  2. Youtube (Video 1 | Video 2 | Video 3 | Video 4) Turn on English Subtitles
SSullock & Wassul: Uncovering the truth behind Netflix’s “In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal”

SSullock & Wassul: Uncovering the truth behind Netflix’s “In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal”

Christian Gospel Mission has released an investigative series on YouTube in response to the Netflix docuseries, titled: SSullock & Wassul: Uncovering the truth behind “In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal.” (Drawing inspiration from Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson)

🔸 Content:
The Netflix docuseries In the Name of God: Holy Betrayal released a malicious broadcast about Christian Gospel Mission.

The producers and actors of the Netflix docuseries used a form of storytelling that involves distorting the truth and reconstructing it intentionally. We will explain each of these suspicions and truths within this series.

🔸 English Subtitles are available for Episodes 1-9 (turn on “CC” button and click settings to choose English)

Please see episode 1 in the link below – appreciate your *like* and *subscription*!

YouTube for JMS

YouTube for JMS

Why “YouTube for JMS” began is to ensure a fair trial with accurate and reliable evidence. And this is to prevent further damage caused by public opinion generated by inaccurate and distorted reports. We are not asking those who have never seen Pastor Jeong Myeong Seok to believe that he is innocent no matter what.

Please consider this: Looking back on our past history, please don’t forget that we’ve suffered great damage from fake news, and there have been innocent victims as a result.

Please do not be misled by unchecked evidence and decisive media reports so that a healthy media culture can be established and protected into the future, not only for Pastor Jeong Myeong Seok but also for the victims of fake news who have been harmed in the past or even now.

This is what we earnestly wish from everyone.


Prof. Kim Chang Yong at Inje University also wrote about the 5 characteristics of fake news:

First, provocativeness. Provocative content and titles often appear to catch people’s attention.

Second, hate or loathing. Incites hatred towards a particular object or person.

Third, one-sided. Ignores cross-validation for fact-checking and relies on one-sided information.

Fourth, connection. Forcibly links irrelevant facts to each other and presents it as if there is a connection.

Fifth, fatality. By linking a person’s death to an incident, the intense impression that death gives makes people believe it even before confirming the facts.

Please see the following youtube video and series, from Busan Providence, and turn on english subtitles (“CC” button)