The Only Evidence Provided – A Problematic Audio not accepted by the Court

The Only Evidence Provided – A Problematic Audio not accepted by the Court

Netflix’s “In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal” featured an audio clip from Maple Yip, the main accuser against President Jung Myung Seok. This audio recording was produced by Maple, who claimed that she secretly recorded this while being raped by President Jung. The recording purports to show President Jung asking Maple if she had “cummed”, and President Jung saying that he had “cummed” a grand total of 50 times. 

There are several striking problems with the audio.

First, the audio is not accepted as evidence by the Korean court in the ongoing court trial against President Jung, as the Korean National Forensic Service confirmed that as the audio file is not the original copy and that the audio’s authenticity cannot be proven (see here). As the recording was not an original file, the court asked Maple for the original file so that they could verify the authenticity of the file. However, Maple was unable to produce the original audio file. She claims that she lost the original audio file because she transferred the files from her original phone onto iCloud, and then downloaded the files from the cloud onto her new phone, and after which she got rid of her original phone (see here). However, it is unthinkable that Maple would go to all the pains of making a secret recording and then dispose of the handphone, which is the very piece of evidence that is needed to prove that the recording was genuine (see here). 

Second, there are multiple analyses showing that Maple’s audio was in fact manipulated. There is a video analysis (see here) showing how parts of Maple’s audio was in fact cut from President Jung sermons where he was speaking about love, but in a completely different context (about spiritual love, not sex). There is also a report from an authoritative voice related research institute (MuScene Voice Forensic Laboratory) that has served the US Secret Service, FBI, CIA amongst others. It used various waveform data analytics and confirmed that the voice recording was edited in a disjointed fashion and that it was not downloaded from iCloud (see here). 

Finally, there are also eyewitnesses (see here) who confirmed that the audio about President Jung stating that he had “cummed” 50 times was actually an audio recording from 2018 when President Jung jokingly mentioned that he had urinated 50 times as he had drunk so much mineral water (the Korean word for “urinated” is the same as for “cummed”), and where President Jung had stated that he would often check the mineral spring to see if the mineral water was “coming out” properly. In the same video earlier, an eyewitness also said that she noticed Maple recording the remarks from President Jung next to the medicinal spring, and pointed out how Maple took it out of context and manipulated it to make it seem as though President Jung was asking how many times she had “come” (the Korean word for “coming out” is the same as “cum”). 

Anybody claiming that the audio clip is true needs to be asked: 

  1. Were they at the alleged scene of the rape? If not, they are not a witness to the truth of this audio recording and are merely spreading what another has claimed. 
  1. Are they a certified forensic or audio expert? If not, they have no way of verifying if this audio recording is original or not. Leave it to the experts (e.g., Korea National Forensic and MuScene Forensic)

This video is a summary of all the problematic issues with the current trial, including the odd fact that in spite of claims of the accusers do not have any other form of evidence but this problematic audio file. (See here

Thank you for examining both sides, and we believe that God will bring the truth to light.

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