Personal Interaction with Peter Daley

Personal Interaction with Peter Daley

Hi everyone, I am Pastor Hwajung Jang.

I’m going to talk about what I experienced when I met Peter Daley when he visited Wolmyeongdong during the 2006 summer retreat. Even though it was 10 years, my memory of Peter is very clear because of all the shocking lies I saw later on his website.

I visited Wolmyeongdong to attend the summer retreat. It was the retreat for the military members’ department in Providence, and since the department was not that big, there weren’t many people there. So I sat in front of the lawn, and then I saw a westerner / foreigner – Peter.

I approached him and then introduced myself and asked him things like, “Where are you from?” “What are you doing in Korea?” and “How did you come here?” (Note: Pastor Hwajung served as a translator in Wolmyeongdong and helped foreign visitors regularly)

He said that his name was Peter Daley and that he was teaching English at an institute in Daegu. He heard about this place and was kind of interested to see what was going on here.

He was sitting near the stage by himself. There was no one with him. So I asked him whether he needed translation, but he said, “No,” that he’s just enjoying the atmosphere. So I said, “Okay,” and sat a little bit distanced from him because he didn’t need any help from me.

And then the retreat started. So there was the praise, performances, the testimony, and the message. During that time, I saw that Peter Daley kept taking pictures. A lot of pictures. So then an announcement came out, “Don’t take pictures unless you are part of the Photo Department staff.” And then someone came and spoke to him saying something like, “Please don’t take pictures.” But he kept his camera, and after the person left him, he continued to take pictures.

So I went and spoke to him. I said, “You know… The announcement said to not take pictures. You are not allowed to take pictures.” So he stopped. And then I sat next to him until the end of the retreat, which was around 10:30 at night.

It was late so while walking with him from the lawn to an area near the lodgings, I thought that it would be so inconvenient for him to leave Wolmyeongdong at 10:30pm to return to Daegu which was another province, since there was no public transport. So I asked him, “Where are you going to stay tonight?” and he replied saying his friend’s place.

So I asked, “Do you know how to get there?” but he said, “No.”

I was concerned for his safe travels so I asked him, “Is your friend going to pick you up?” and he said he was going to contact his friend.

So I offered, “If you want, you can stay here tonight,” but he said, “Oh, no need,” and that he was going to go to his friend’s house.

So I just said, “Okay” and let him go.

So we said goodbye, and then I went to use the restroom. When I came out a few minutes later, I saw him in the dark. He was by himself like a bit further down the road, and he was waving his hands around hysterically. There were no other people around him. It was just Daley himself waving his hands hysterically in the dark.

It was just Daley himself waving his hands hysterically in the dark.

So I thought, “What is this guy doing? Is he ill?” I honestly thought he was mentally ill. Why would anyone be waving their hands around alone in the dark like a maniac?

I didn’t think he saw me since his back was turned to me, but I just ignored it and went to rest. Much later, I got to know that he was a slanderer and that he had a website for slandering the Christian Gospel Mission (Providence). I visited his website, but when I read the things there, I got so shocked. “Oh my God! This is ridiculous!” because he wrote about the things that went on during the retreat.

What he wrote was that we were brainwashing people during the retreat through the testimony and message. And that since we finished late, we were trying to deprive people of their sleep, making it easier to brainwash people. He also wrote that we were forcing people to stay in Wolmyeongdong, and he was the only one who ran away from the forced confinement.

He had a video of himself running away while waving his hands saying, “No. No! I’m not going to stay here!”

When I read all these things, I realized that he was making things up. From the beginning, he visited Wolmyeongdong to gather materials to make his website. He already planned to slander Providence, so he just needed to gather more materials to fill up his site or blog.

It’s ridiculous!

Please, tell this story to those who have seen his site and take it as is without checking. It is totally made up. He made his site with the intention of defaming Providence. He just went to Wolmyeongdong to gather information to slander Providence. The pictures that he took and used, doing abnormal things in the dark, trying to force him to stay very late in Wolmyeongdong, and confining people… It’s all totally made up by himself.

Please tell them, “Don’t get deceived by the things he has written on his website. Instead, please confirm and discern with your own eyes and ears.”

Thank you.


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