Yonhap News Network has retracted its broadcast about Jeong Myeong Seok

Yonhap News Network has retracted its broadcast about Jeong Myeong Seok

The Yonhap News Network published a statement retracting some of the misinformed content it broadcasted about Jung Myung Seok. The statement was published on March 16, 2015. The original can be found at the following url http://ytn.co.kr/_ln/0103_201503161004314232

Here is a brief translation of the announcement

The Yonhap Television Network (YTN), a 24-hour news network based in South Korea, made the following retraction statement in relation to information recently aired about Jung Myeong Seok.

The broadcast in question occurred between May 22 and July 26, 2014.

YTN published its retractions as follows:

“Between May 22 and July 26, 2014, this news station broadcasted as follows about President Jung Myeong Seok: “President Jung Myeong Seok of JMS sexually assaulted female members and then fled to various foreign countries, but was eventually captured by the Chinese police when he was in China and repatriated to Korea,” “He stowed away,” and “He accepted sexual favors as bribes from female members.”

However, after verifying the truth, it was confirmed that the sexual assault charges were dismissed by the prosecutors involved, and he was able to travel overseas lawfully. He returned to Korea several times during his travels and was investigated by the prosecutors about his travels. In these ways, the news broadcasted about Jung was different from the facts. Even the charge of him accepting sexual favors as bribes was also dropped. It is evident that the reportings on Jung were not entirely based on fact. Hence, we made the appropriate corrections.

Additionally, it was confirmed that the name JMS is not in fact the ministry’s official name. Hence, we correct it to the ministry’s actual official name, The Christian Gospel Mission.”

The retractions by YTN are the latest in a series of controversies following the JMS ruling in 2009.

Following Jung’s sentencing, SBS, a major media station in Korea, was found guilty of broadcasting doctored versions of Jung’s sermons prior to his trial.

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