Christians on Trial: Pastor Joshua Jeong Myung Seok

Christians on Trial: Pastor Joshua Jeong Myung Seok

Pastor Joshua Jeong Myung Seok is one of the most publicized Christians in Asia. He founded Providence Church which quickly became one of the fastest growing churches of the 20th century. The church has grown fastest in Korea (known as Sumni Church) and in Japan (known as Setsuri church). The church has grown to 50 nations and continues to spread through the world.

But in May 2007 while in China [where Christianity is illegal] he was arrested and thrown into prison. While he was suffering the inhumane conditions of the Chinese prison, accusations against him spread throughout public broadcasts. The church was labeled a cult in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan and members of the church all over the world began experiencing extreme persecution from friends, family, and each by their own nation.

After a year of imprisonment and interrogations China found him innocent of all charges and released him. Before his release he was asked if he would like to stay in China or face charges in Korea. He chose to go to trial, but his trial was far from fair. To hear first hand accounts of the trial and the final decision read the full article,

Christians on Trial: Pastor Joshua Jeong Myung Seok

Christians on Trial: Pastor Joshua Jeong Myung Seok

6 thoughts on “Christians on Trial: Pastor Joshua Jeong Myung Seok

  1. I know this man and have seen him several times in person, including seeing how he worked and lived for God. If he can’t be called the faithful and righteous one, I don’t know who else in the world can be called the faithful and righteous.

  2. How could someone who has lived their entire life for God suffer the injustices of the world? Those who truly live this way do not deserve this at all, especially this man..

  3. This is my first time reading this article and just by reading it, I can tell this man is innocent. He’s only doing God Will!

  4. His teachings have changed my life for the better. No one has ever taught me more about God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit than Joshua Jeong Myung Seok. His teachings will stand the test of time. It is sad to realize great men are not appreciated while they are still on this earth.

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