First Person Testimony on Peter Daley

A pastor's first person testimony of Peter Daley that reveals of his malicious intentions and fabrications about the Christian Gospel Mission (Providence) and Pastor Jung Myung Seok.

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Peter Daley – An “Expert” on Cults?

Peter Daley portrays himself as a reliable source for expert advise about cults in Korea and about Providence. The media and public must know about serious biases, hatred and violence, that Daley has through an examination of a video Daley made in 2006.

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Providence Religious Movement’s “Evergreens” – Media published fabrications

January 15, 2017  |  Addressing Controversies, Blog Posts  |  No Comments

Media published fabrications on Providence Religious Movement’s “Evergreens”

Evergreen tree in Wolmyeongdong

Evergreen tree in Wolmyeongdong (Courtesy of

Tabloid newspapers in South Korea have published untruthful comments about women in Providence Religious Movement, known as ‘evergreens’. These tabloids claimed that ‘evergreens’ are ‘500 to 1000 women groomed for sexual exploitation by Jung Myung Seok’ , ‘sex bribes,’ and ‘sexual favors’. These tabloids made no attempt to verify those allegations, before publishing them.


False Reports causing public contempt

There are no, and has never been any evidence or proof of, ‘sex bribes’, ‘sexual favors’ or ‘sexual exploitations’ ever occurring. A few individuals fabricated these claims. The false claims were made so that the media would publish, and thus, generate public contempt for Jung Myung Seok and Providence religious movement. These claims are no more than tabloid gossip. Such claims especially contradict the fundamental tenet of Providence–abstaining from sexual immorality.
Fortunately, the larger media organizations did not publish these allegations. However, the damage was already done to Jung Myung Seok and the Providence religious movement.

Ordinary lives of members in Providence Religious Movement

Members of the Providence religious movement go to universities, have careers, get married, and have families just like everyone else. Some individuals choose not to get married for multitudes of personal reasons, whether it be a lifestyle preferences, to dedicate themselves to religious devotion, or to pursue a career more ambitiously. These media publications conveniently omitted the fact that there are also male “evergreens”–men in Providence who also choose not to marry. Many of them have become high-achievers in their careers; some have become successful doctors, lawyers, and business people. Others have achieved great success in faith and have become pastors.

Other Biblical and Historical Examples

For people of faith who believe and follow the Bible, the choice to devote oneself to faith without marriage is highly respected. This stems from the Bible, in which devout believers like Apostle Paul remained unmarried and devoted their life to ministry. In the Bible, Apostle Paul stated that it was greater for a person to remain unmarried (see 1 Corinthians 7:8). Countless nuns and friars chose not to marry taking a vow of chastity making it a fundamental institution of the Catholic church. Likewise, it should come as no surprise that there are members in the Providence religious movement who also willingly chose to follow this course of faith without marriage.
The truth is indeed far from the what news tabloids and websites that cite these tabloids have painted about “evergreens.”

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Providence Church Korea’s “Brides” – Addressing Controversy

November 20, 2016  |  Addressing Controversies, Blog Posts  |  No Comments

The Reality is Different: Resolving controversies about Providence Church Korea’s “Brides”

Providence Religious Movement Concept of Bride and BridegroomRecent news stories about Providence Church Korea and Jung Myung Seok have made headlines out of claims that members of the Church are groomed to be ‘brides’ for its leader. This led to the misreporting of Jung Myung Seok as a religious leader who is a womanizer. Fortunately, the reality is very different from these news stories.


The concept of ‘brides’ stems from the Bible. Multiple parts of the Bible depict the relationship between God and people as ‘husband and wife’ (see Isaiah 54:5) ‘bride and bridegroom’ (see Revelations 21:2) and enriches it with imageries such as a ‘wedding banquet’ (see Revelations 19:7). This is the Holy Bible, the authoritative text, that served as the fundamental tenets of Judaism (in part) and Christianity. For anyone who knows the Bible, referring to oneself as the bride of God is nothing new and far from committing religious controversy.

Then what does it mean to be a ‘bride’ of God? This is where the misunderstanding lies. The bride-bridegroom relationship is defined by love. To Jung, that love is a love from a oneness of heart, thoughts and deeds between God and man that is metaphorical of the oneness between a husband and wife. This is the love that has become his lifelong philosophy and it’s called ‘spiritual love’- a love that is of the mind.   This is what makes God and people become ‘bride’ and ‘bridegroom’. Jung has emphatically said, to the point of death, that this love is worlds apart from sexual love; it is completely different, as far apart as heaven and hell can ever be.

These news headlines came about due to misunderstandings by the media, and perhaps a disinterest in real Biblical principles. The reality is that Providence is made up of large groups of men, families, children and the elderly. They are all brides because they chose to love and live for the Holy Trinity, cherishing the same philosophy as Jung’s. Anyone who has seen the reality will know that the media has been indisputably wrong in its portrayal of Providence.

In-depth Explanation

To understand why human beings are ‘brides’, we need to understand God’ history recorded in the Bible.

The New Testament: Father and Son relationship

At the time of creation, God created Adam and Eve to be in the position of children before Him. They interacted with God as their Father, throughout the early chapters of Genesis. God did not treat them as servants, as He did to the Israelites hundreds of years later.

Sadly, Adam and Eve committed ‘the fall’, that is, they disobeyed God’s command for them to not eat the ‘fruit of knowledge of good and evil’. Due to their disobedience, God banished them from the Garden of Eden and His relationship with them broke. Rather than being a father, He treated them as a master would to a servant. . To Noah and Abraham, the latter generation, he instructed them to offer sacrifices of animals and grains. Mankind had fallen from grace because of Adam and Eve’s disobedience. Then God, through Moses, gave his Ten Commandments as laws to the Israelites, as they were no longer privileged to be children.

It was never God’s purpose for human beings to remain at the servant level. Four thousand years later, God sent Jesus, the Messiah, to restore mankind to the level of children.

The transition from servants to sons was not easy.

Jesus transformed peoples’ lives and their relationship with God, despite suffering from persecution. Not everyone who heard his preaching believed him and followed him. Many found his teachings difficult to accept, left him and even persecuted him. (see John 6:60-66)

Becoming children of God required a greater commitment than that of servants. Jesus taught God’s Word that was at a higher level, in terms of spirituality. It required people to be more sexually pure and have a greater earnestness towards God in their daily lives. In Matthew 5, Jesus said, “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’ 28 But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” With this one proclamation, Jesus raised the bar on adultery. Sin was no longer just committing physical adultery, sin was also having adulterous thoughts.

The Bride and Bridegroom Relationship

As far people know, the relationship between a husband and wife is the most intimate of relations. Therefore, God uses this form of relationship as a metaphor for the relationship He desires to have with us. In the Old Testament, God referred to himself as the Husband to mankind, the Bride.

Isaiah 54:5

For your Maker is your husband

    the Lord Almighty is his name—

the Holy One of Israel is your Redeemer;

    he is called the God of all the earth.

Isaiah 62:5

As a young man marries a young woman,

    so will your Builder marry you;

as a bridegroom rejoices over his bride,

    so will your God rejoice over you.

God’s wish for us to be His brides, in a counterpart relationship, was made even clearer in the New Testament. In Matthew 25, Jesus spoke of the parable of the 10 virgins waiting for the bridegroom to come; this was a parable about the Lord’s second coming. This became popularized in a famous hymn, with the line, ‘will our lamps be burning bride when the bridegroom comes?’

The revelations received by Apostle John, recorded in the book of Revelations, also showed mankind’s position as a bride before God.

Revelation 21:2

I saw the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride beautifully dressed for her husband.

Revelation 19:7

Let us rejoice and be glad

and give him glory!

For the wedding of the Lamb has come,

and his bride has made herself ready.

God’s Purpose: Human beings are His counterparts

Pastor Jung Myung Seok taught that God’s greatest wish and His purpose for creation was for human beings to live as His brides, His counterparts. Men, women, children, the elderly, people of all races and nations- for everyone, the issue of life is how much we love God and live for Him. Yet, Pastor Jung has been criticized for preaching about this bride and bridegroom relationship, a relationship of a higher spiritual level.

Pastor Jung lives as a bride of the Lord, and as a bride, he is preaching God’s word. He has put his entire life, heart and will to loving Jesus as his bridegroom. His teachings are not simply theories, but a lifestyle in itself. Living a sexually pure life is absolutely fundamental, as well as a morally astute life. He teaches by example of his own life for how to love the Holy Trinity as a bride to a bridegroom.

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Jung Myung Seok Cases Dismissed Without Charge

November 19, 2016  |  Press Releases  |  No Comments

Jeong Gyeong News Article (Korea’s equivalent of The Economist Magazine): “All Previous Cases Related to JMS Religious Organization’s Founder, Jung Myung Seok, Dismissed Without Charge.”

The following is an article on Jung Myung Seok from a news magazine titled, “Sincerity moves the heart of Heaven; Truth will eventually surface.”

From January of last year, the case involving the religious organization referred to as JMS (Official name: Christian Gospel Mission) attracted a lot of attention through the media and the case finally concluded at the end of October.

Some of the people related to the case were acquitted by the court after investigation. Hereby, the founder, Jung Myung Seok, was cleared from all accusations and the press itself. The press, found to have fabricated contents in the media without confirming the facts, became the target of criticism.

Jung Myung Seok is now in prison serving a 10-year service he received in 2009 for the same charges that he was previously cleared of. Thus, I wanted to look further into the full story disclosed in last June’s issue, which also reported that he was unjustly tried due to negative media. In the report, Jung Myung Seok is quoted as saying, “I will leave the judgment of the truth to God and walk the path of the cross.”

Written by Kim Ayung reporter

Who is the victim?

There are three characteristics that closely resemble the handling of both the past and the present case of Jung Myung Seok. First, the issue was dispersed by the Internet and media, and thus became well-known to the public. Second, allegations without proof were made. Third, it was found that anti-JMS organizations, which incite former members to attack Jung, had then asked Jung for money to drop their allegations.
Since last November, organizations against Jung Myung Soek such as ‘Anti-JMS’ demanded money for compensation and attacked Jung with charges like sexual assault, terrorism, and other misdemeanors. Many people appeared on the media and internet which brought on more negative publicity. Lawsuits, charges, and appeals followed. Yet, there was no evidence. Despite the lack of evidence to prove if the accusations were true or not, sensational and suggestive material significantly encouraged speculation among the online viewers.

Jung Myung Seok was in a disadvantageous position because he was already being held in prison on charges of sexual assault. However, his religious organization, Christian Gospel Mission, responded promptly to the media and made their claims. About ten investigations, which began last June and ended in October, all concluded with a verdict of not guilty. This weakened the ‘Anti-JMS’ group’s statements about being harmed by Jung, and caused Anti-JMS to disperse as a result of differences among its members.

court papers on jung myung seok
Official papers/records regarding 10 cases on Jung Myung Seok that have been concluded as not guilty.

In the past, a similar issues had been brought up in court. However, the decision of the court in this later trial resulted in a guilty sentence, totally opposite than the decisions in favor of Jung Myung Seok in previous cases. This was a result of the negative broadcasts by media and ill reputation on the Internet built against Jung for the past ten years. He had already been labeled as a criminal by public opinion. On February 5th, 2008, five women charged Jung with sexual abuse and a trial ensued. At the time, CGM was unable to respond effectively. As expected, there was no evidence. One of those women admitted to fraud and even dropped her charge. Despite all of this, Jung was sentenced to ten years imprisonment on the charges of sexual assault, sexual harassment, and other crimes from the remaining 4 women.

The media broadcasts and internet news articles had eroded Jung Myung Seok’s reputation concerning the JMS case over the span of 1999 to 2004. In a “recommendation for compromise,” the court found guilty one of the broadcast companies which issued these broadcasts, and deemed the case as defamation. The 2005 trial concluded that the news broadcast company should pay compensatory damages to CGM in 2010. According to this judgment, CGM received 90 million Won.

Court Judgments On News Broadcast Company’s defamation of Jung Myung Seok

The distorted premises aired by the broadcast are quoted by the “recommendation for compromise” and are listed as follows:

First, the broadcast intended to depict Jung Myung Seok as a ‘leader who has sexual problems.’ The broadcast edited his voice and put false subtitles on the contents of a Sunday message, “Lifestyle of Thanksgiving” in 1995. The voice was altered beyond comprehension and the subtitle was edited to reflect the media’s false impression as, ‘Evangelize one woman each.’ The actual sermon content was about ‘Evangelizing one out of ten,’ to imply that even a tithe in evangelism should be offered.
[*Translator’s note: phonetical Korean:1 out of 10- yeul-ui hana”열의 하나”/1 woman- yeo-ja hana”여자 하나”]

Second, at an event where male and female members had been grouped separately, the broadcasters edited a video of the event to make it look as if there were only female members so that viewers might feel that Jung Myung Seok only interacts with women.

Third, the broadcast intended to give the impression that members believe in and treat Jung Myung Seok like a god. Members usually use ‘JMS’ to stand for ‘Jesus Morning Star.’ The broadcast aired as if JMS are the initials of Jung’s name and the name of his religious movement’s name. However in reality, the organization has never officially used JMS as their name. The term ‘Providence’ is used among members, while ‘Christian Gospel Mission’ is being used as the official name of the organization.

Fourth, the broadcasters described Wolmyeongdong as a closed space where suspicious ceremonies of sexual assaults happen. Wolmeongdong, however, is open to all people and is a place where the local residents, neighboring Daedun mountain climbers, and foreign tourists come and go freely.

Fifth, they aired that Jung Myung Seok sexually assaulted other people in his travels abroad and edited dialogue from an interview taken during the Taiwanese prosecution. The broadcast translated the dialogue, “It’s hard to say right now but, we’ve got some statements by victims.” The Taiwanese prosecution, however, never used the word “victim.” The Taiwanese prosecution used the word ‘people involved.’ However, the broadcasters translated that word as ‘victims’ and falsely created the pretense that the Taiwanese prosecution might have been suspicious about Jung’s guilt. The Taiwanese case concluded that a violation of freedom from suspicion had taken place. This resulted in a public apology from the informant, who spread the falsified facts to the press, being published in the newspapers.

In 1999, false news reports and apology statements by the informant who spread false rumors.

The court made several rulings in the case of the distorted reporting by Kim Do-hun (alias) and Kim Hyung-su (alias): “Do not air Kim do-hun and Kim hyung-su’s report again, give 48 hours notice to CGM before a report about Providence is broadcasted, guarantee five percent of the reporting time to Providence to defend their side of the story, and whenever these rules are broken, they must pay 30 million Won to Providence.”

Other distorted press and baseless accusations on Jung Myung Seok

The contents of this judgment, however, were not widely known. More distorted press reports and accusations without evidence from other media outlets have been pointed out but no other trials have taken place.

The Press revealed that an anti-JMS organization were pushing the alleged victims to make their accusation against Jung Myung Seok and the press even released letters showing that one anti-JMS leader had requested extortion money from Jung.

Click here for the original translated english article from Providence’s News site.

To read the Chinese translation of this article visit

To download a PDF of the original article in Korean visit

Click here for the timeline of news releases about Pastor Joshua Jung Myung Seok concerning the religious injustice he has been facing for almost 20 years.

Yonhap News Network has retracted its broadcast about Jeong Myeong Seok

Yonhap News Network has retracted its broadcast about Jeong Myeong Seok

May 3, 2016  |  Press Releases  |  No Comments

The Yonhap News Network published a statement retracting some of the misinformed content it broadcasted about Jung Myung Seok. The statement was published on March 16, 2015. The original can be found at the following url

Here is a brief translation of the announcement

The Yonhap Television Network (YTN), a 24-hour news network based in South Korea, made the following retraction statement in relation to information recently aired about Jung Myeong Seok.

The broadcast in question occurred between May 22 and July 26, 2014.

YTN published its retractions as follows:

“Between May 22 and July 26, 2014, this news station broadcasted as follows about President Jung Myeong Seok: “President Jung Myeong Seok of JMS sexually assaulted female members and then fled to various foreign countries, but was eventually captured by the Chinese police when he was in China and repatriated to Korea,” “He stowed away,” and “He accepted sexual favors as bribes from female members.”

However, after verifying the truth, it was confirmed that the sexual assault charges were dismissed by the prosecutors involved, and he was able to travel overseas lawfully. He returned to Korea several times during his travels and was investigated by the prosecutors about his travels. In these ways, the news broadcasted about Jung was different from the facts. Even the charge of him accepting sexual favors as bribes was also dropped. It is evident that the reportings on Jung were not entirely based on fact. Hence, we made the appropriate corrections.

Additionally, it was confirmed that the name JMS is not in fact the ministry’s official name. Hence, we correct it to the ministry’s actual official name, The Christian Gospel Mission.”

The retractions by YTN are the latest in a series of controversies following the JMS ruling in 2009.

Following Jung’s sentencing, SBS, a major media station in Korea, was found guilty of broadcasting doctored versions of Jung’s sermons prior to his trial.

Modern American Mistrials: The Salem Witch Trials

June 3, 2012  |  Perspectives  |  No Comments

Today I read the play by Arthur Miller titled, “the Crucible.” It retells the story of the Salem witch trials in which many people were prosecuted for witchcraft based on the accusations of a group of young girls. 50 people confessed to witchcraft to escape capital punishment while 19 were hanged refusing to confess to witchcraft before the trials were finally discontinued. The historical event took place in 1692, but the play was written in 1952. The 1950’s were also was a critical time in American history because it was amidst the McCarthy hearings in which countless Americans’ careers and reputations were on the line in fear of being labelled Communists.

It is generally thought that the author was commenting on the injustices of his times by writing such a play and it is for the injustices of my time that I sought out to find and read this American classic. Read More

Despite Tribulations & Persecutions

Despite Tribulations & Persecutions

March 22, 2011  |  Perspectives  |  11 Comments

2,000 years ago Christianity was considered nothing more than a "sect" of Judaism referred to in Paul's day as "The Way." But Jesus' apostles boldly testified for Jesus despite the many negative rumors that had spread about them. Even today one should not be surprised to see that those who preach about the Lord's Second Coming the most passionately are persecuted to this degree even in the 21st century.

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Help, I think my child might be joining a cult!

Recently my child has begun attending a new church and they are displaying some unusual behavior. They are waking up extremely early for prayer, attending church often, and is constantly sharing ideas about the bible that seem radically different than traditional orthodox religion.

Should I be worried?
– Concerned Parent
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60 Minutes – Eye Witness Testimony

February 19, 2011  |  Perspectives  |  2 Comments

Lesley Stahl, journalist of 60 minutes recently profiled a case out of North Carolina where the eyewitness testimony of a rape victim turned out to be wrong, leading to an innocent man’s conviction and 11 year incarceration before DNA evidence proved his innocence. This is a fascinating story about how flaws in the way police collect (and produce) victims’ visual memories can lead to wrongful convictions.

In America over 200 convicted prisoners have been proven innocent by more recent DNA tests. The most common element in all wrongful convictions later overturned by DNA evidence has been eyewitness testimony. In this segment two psychologists show how fragile human memory is and how easily it can be influenced leading to eyewitnesses who are absolutely convinced they are telling the truth and yet still they are proven wrong.

Read a script of the show in PDF format.