Poem: Tiger Who Refuses to Fight

Poem: Tiger Who Refuses to Fight

January 26, 2011  |  Perspectives

The tiger who had no rage he found himself in a cage.

Instead of trying to hunt, he instead tried to save.
He preached love but they returned only hate.

They take gold and paint it over
throw it in the trash and slander.
They think they can darken the sun
and hide it’s light in a box.

They uphold the status quo,
and try to keep the morals low.
Their foolishness is plain to all
yet so boastfully go they to their fall.

They claim they’ve tamed a beast
cause he’s lying in a cage.
They think the bars can hold him,
they don’t know he controls his rage.

He only waits for his moment,
you can see it in his face.
Calmly he waits, his thoughts far beyond this stage.
They don’t know his freedom is on its way.

These fools they make a show
boasting of all that they don’t know.
Still quietly he waits cause he knows they’ll get theirs on judgement day.

That moment it has not come,
who knows the day or hour?
No one knows what month,
but you can’t hide forever from the sun.

His beauty you can behold
even here he shines like gold.
Magnificient and mysterious
he cannot help but your attention hold.

Tiger tiger burning bright, how long will you remain without a fight?
Why must you contain your fury?
Will you not pass judgement without waiting for the jury?

Today I pray for thee and pity those who think they can see.
For your glory I behold, your value much greater than gold.

Don’t worry – I’ll release you for I believe I’ve found the key.
There is a love much greater than freedom
discovered only by those who believe.
With this love I will release you
and I eagerly await your embrace.

And finally these fools will see you – their last days they will face.


Photo by Mladen Janjetovic

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